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House Plan

You can see renderings of the house from many different angles on this page, as well as the floor plans.



This shows the house from a side view.

Side view

This angle looks at the house from a staight angle from the front.

Front view

This view helps you imagine the house in a more spring-like environment.

Front view
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This angle shows the house from above.

Upper view

First floor view

1800 s.f.

3 bdrm, 2 bath, study, or optional bedroom

The plan is adaptable to many different combinations, and the architect is available to modify the plan to your personal requirements, for a fee. Options could include things like an expanded living area, replacing the study with screened porch, etc.

Second floor view


Optional elements like a carport, summer breeze pool / winter heat collector,
exterior materials such as conc or insulated concrete block at plumbing spine (in the walls), composite panel or wood panel siding for the walls, wood louvers for the walls, galvanized metal roof over insulated panels for the roof, pier foundation, optional slab foundation, structure is all engineered wood
interior materials: flexible, exposed structure at roof, exposed concrete at plumbing spine.

We can offer free siting of the house to maximize the efficiency from orientaion/sun angle


Home Phylosopphy of Design House Plan Design Options Resourses Order About Us


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